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Re: Install Debian 9.1 stretch on Pentium II system: pata_hpt3x2n required?

David Max wrote:

> cpu Pentium II 400 MHz
> ram 512 MB
> video card ATI RAGE IIC AGP
> hdd #1 6.8 GB Fujitsu (with Windows installed, also a 1GB Linux swap
> partition)
> hdd #2 80 GB Seagate, attached to Highpoint 133SB Rocket Raid (PCI) card

the problem here might be the CPU support in the stock i386 kernel. You'll
probably need to build own kernel. I am not sure how generic the i386
kernel is. If so do

make ARCH=i386 menuconfig

and select Pentium II.

I recently build 4.X for Geode X2 with IDE support. It took time to find the
magic combination of options, but it works great.


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