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Strange results with an additional HD -- any idea why?

The box I've been reconfiguring over the past few weeks has a hardware RAID controller card, with one mirrored (RAID 1) pair on it at the time of installation. Over the weekend, I plugged two more drives into the two empty sockets, to create a second mirrored pair, which shows up in Linux as "sdb."

Initially, it auto-mounted much the same way the external drive auto-mounted. I added this line to fstab, and now it mounts at the mountpoint of my own choosing:

/dev/sdb /media/Auxiliary ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 2

Everything seems to work fine, except for two things:

1. Gnome produces a desktop icon for it. Before I added the fstab entry, that icon was a picture of a modern hard drive; now, with the fstab entry, it is, of all things, a generic *document* icon. (By contrast, my USB external drive shows up with the "Merlin disk pack" icon I gave it years ago, and I didn't have to do anything new for Linux that I hadn't done for WinDoze; I've got both .ico and .png files of that icon on the new mirrored pair.)

2. It can be unmounted. I'd rather it not be unmountable.

What can I do about these things?