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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2017 #975

The emacs (non-DFSG) info pages will be useful for novices, but will
be absent unless you install them. The emacsNN-common-non-dfsg package
for the corresponding version (NN) of emacs is one way to do so.

Geany +1 ( with the addon packages).  Also Bluefish.

Novices are on a steep learning curve as it is.  If you're trying to encourage them to consider programming as a viable use of time, minimising the number of new things to learn before they achieve a result is important.  Most computer users already know how to interact with an Office text editor; changing the paradigm to that of vim or emacs condemns them to having to learn a whole new way of opening/ writing/ saving.

While I have used emacs & vim, there's a feeling of intense satisfaction on actually managing to save a changed file without any unpleasant surprises.  It shouldn't be that much of a relief! If copy/move/edit/save requires significant cognitive effort, there's something wrong with the process and only the stubborn will survive.  Pointing people to the manual for that basic a process is not a solution; if I bought a bicycle that required me to read the manual before I could ride it, it'd be returned unfit for purpose a.s.a.p.