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Re: Recommended editor for novice programmers?

On 2017-09-02 at 14:21, Tom Browder wrote:

> My Linux user group is setting up one desktop computer and one
> laptop computer for lending to our local library as an educational
> resource for folks who want to explore what Linux is all about.  We
> are using Debian 9 for now.
> I am open to any suggestions for standard packages we should add. I
> have already installed gcc and friends as well as Scilab, R, Perl 6,
> and some other stuff, including emacs.
> I would especially appreciate other ideas for programming editors
> for novice programmers.

I'm not sure what you would qualify as a "programming editor", but what
I use to write code (when nano won't do) is geany, which is a graphical
syntax-highlighting editor with various other features useful to a

Looking at it now, it has buttons like "Compile" and "Build" and
"Execute", so quite possibly if you have things hooked up properly in
its configuration it can be used in full IDE form. I don't use it to
anything like that extent, however.

(I found it because I was looking for a graphical, tabbed text editor
comparable to Notepad++, and IIRC this one uses the same editor
component although it surrounds it with different UI details.)

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