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Re: Configure_GnuPG 2

On 31/08/17 16:40, mizett@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> unregistered user
> hello,
> i configured s2k but i would like use 25519 , i would like harden .conf
> 	do i need add some special options ?

s2k means “string to key” (the 2 is a play on words for “to” since it
sounds similar). It refers to the procedure used to turn the
user-entered password into a key for *symmetric* encryption. Curve25519
is a elliptic curve and a function defined over it. There is no relation
between both things!

> * gnupg mailing-list is for registered user only and it does not suit me.

What is the problem with gnupg-users? I replied to your message there:

Most mailing list accept messages from people not subscribed, but *you
have to mention that you are not subscribed*, so that people will
include your e-mail address in replies. If you do not do that, you can
still read the replies in the mailing list archive (almost all public
mailing lists keep an archive of messages; look at the link above for

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