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Re: How to Keep Track of Changes to the System

On Wednesday, August 30, 2017 10:56:44 PM ray wrote:
> Thank you.  This is an interesting way to store the broken system.  It will
> be like a junk yard that I can copy out of.
> Partitioning will be a challenge.  Currently, this is laptop runs LVM.  I
> have two groups.  The system is on one, the other I plan on using for VM
> storage.  I could break the one for VMs into groups for file systems.  I
> am not sure how to use this.  Once I have these different groups, if I
> want to rebuild, I will need to have the new system installed to one of
> the unused VGs.  I have a  quandary about this each time I rebuild, I have
> a challenge with the Debian installer on where to put the new system.  It
> seem like I rebuild the LVM each time which means I would wipe out the
> previous system.

You're welcome!

I don't / have never used LVM, but I thought that at least in some scenarios, 
you created partitions and then installed LVM somehow on top of those 
partitions.  I assume that, if you create one more partition, you could just 
leave it out of LVM?

Maybe someone else can advise you.