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Re: On another (but related) note: Zip files

On 30/08/17 05:14, Darac Marjal wrote:
> So, because gzip has such a market share in the Linux world, it makes
> sense for it to be included in the debian base install (in fact, apt and
> various utilities rely on it, so it needs to be there). Zip files,
> though, are much less common in the Linux world. There is nothing in the
> base install of debian that requires zip files, so therefore the zip
> program is not installed.

*GNU/Linux world*

Also it is worth noting that tar + gzip will do solid compression (it
compresses the archive as a whole), while zip compresses each file
independently. The zip approach gives worse compression, but extracting
a single file is faster, since only that file has to be uncompressed.

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