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Re: lp printing doesn't work

On 2017-08-30, Brian <ad44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Vary confused.
> That makes two of us.
> Try setting a per-user default queue, which overrides the system-level
> setting in /etc/cups/lpoptions. The per-user default is stored in
> ~/.cups/lpoptions with 'lpoptions -d'. There is also a PRINTER variable
> (see lp(1)) which can be used instead. It overrides ~/.cups/lpoptions.

There's also LPDEST? I was going to say check your PRINTER and LPDEST
environment variables, as they take precedence over whatever is set (if
anything) by the lpoptions and lpadmin commands. However I was unsure
whether the error message corresponded.

lpstat -p gives all spooler destinations.

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