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Re: Computer friendly blood pressure?

From: rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx

> I am not a physician.

It is good to clear things out when giving health related advise.

> You may want to do some reading under the term bio-feedback before
> you engage in experimenting with yourself.

Who said/hinted absolutely anything remotely related to experimentation?

What's the purpose of creating a database of readings then?
This obsession with readings becomes a health problem in itself.  No reading ever
can say what your blood pressure was 5' before or after.  Maybe twice a day when
you are fully calm is all you need. What will you or anyone else colclude from
a database of readings?  Nothing.  That's what I am talking about, it is meaningless
or it can get dangerous.  5 readings in one morning of 11/7 and one of 15/11 can
send you into a panic of something going wrong when there isn't.  And that can 
cause you a problem.

Sorry for worrying, go fill 4 terrabytes up of pressure and pulse readings.