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Re: Computer friendly blood pressure?

On 2017-08-29, Terence <terence.john@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, Curt,


> I have used an Omron Evolv upper arm blood pressure monitor since my triple
> bye-pass earlier this year.

Hope it wasn't bye-bye pass surgery.

;-) (sorry). 

> FWIW I have found the Omron Connect application and my Samsung Galaxy Note
> sufficient for my needs and when talking/showing to medical staff.

Right but I wanted to remain within the contraints of the OP's problem

> I don't think anyone produces what you are looking for (I couldn't find
> anything like that or better than the Evolv when I was looking) but perhaps
> using a tablet instead of a PC may work for you.

Actually I'm not looking. I have an Omron M3 recommended by my new
"toubib" (toubib or not toubib) who recommended it because I was getting
high, in-office readings (turned out to be white coat hypertension--this
doctor makes me nervous).

No computer connectivity for this M3 model. 

But apparently there are a couple of Omrom models with PC connectivity
which work with the open-source software to which I gave the link.

> Certainly the Evolv does everything it "says on the tin", and is - as far
> as checking with my doctor's, and the local hospital's readings go - as
> accurate as one could wish.

Thanks for the heads up and hope your health is stable and good.

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