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Re: [Multiarch] armhf on arm64 is not working


Am 29. August 2017 17:04:29 MESZ schrieb Adam Cecile <adam.cecile@xxxxxxxx>:
>I was not aware of this optional 32 bit compatibility. That kinda

Yeah, especially since you had the misfortune of getting the one chip that is sold that doesn't support it.

>Actually, I'm already using qemu with cowbuilder (I mean, a lot) but my
>biggest problem is not the slowness but the broken thread 

Yeah, that is a problem indeed. And one that will take a long time to fix, because threading is already hard enough when you don't need to juggle hardware architectures with different memory coherency models...

>If you have any hint about online cheap arm server, let me know...

Does it have to be a server? The raspberry pi 3 has an ARMv8 chip with 32bit compat mode. Granted, it's not the fastest, doesn't have that much RAM, and if you boot it in 64bit mode some peripherals don't work yet, but for a pure compile/build box...? Especially if you're kind of OK with the speed of qemu?