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Re: [Multiarch] armhf on arm64 is not working


32bit ARM compatibility is optional according to the specification,
and if your CPU doesn't support it, you won't be able to natively
run armhf executables. This is in contrast to x86, where all[*]
64bit x86 CPUs also support running old 32bit programs.

From what I've read it appears to be that the vast majority of chips
currently sold do have 32bit ARM compatibility - except for one, the
Cavium Thunder X. And if you look at your /proc/cpuinfo output:

Am 2017-08-29 08:49, schrieb Adam Cecile:
CPU implementer    : 0x43
CPU architecture: 8
CPU variant    : 0x1
CPU part    : 0x0a1
CPU revision    : 1

Well, yeah, that's the one.

See also:

So it appears you're out of luck on your hardware: your CPU
simply doesn't support running armhf executables. You could run them
emulated in qemu-user-static, but that's probably not what you want,
because that's going to be _really_ slow.


[*] There were very, very few exceptions, and nothing marketed as a
    general purpose CPU.