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Re: Computer friendly blood pressure?

On 08/29/2017 08:26 AM, Fungi4All wrote:
From: rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user <debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

For sometime I"ve been causally looking for a blood pressure cuff with
communication capability that does NOT require a "smart" phone [be
it Apple or Android].

A recent hospital stay prompts me to more actively look.

I currently have a wrist cuff type with memory but no communication
Preferred solutions would be something that:
uses the same removable media as digital cameras.
has USB connectivity
Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity would be acceptable.

Already written Linux apps a plus.

Any suggestions/comments?

Thank you.

I am not a physician.


You may want to do some reading under the term bio-feedback before
you engage in experimenting with yourself.

Who said/hinted absolutely anything remotely related to experimentation? ??? ??????? !

I have a very limited storage in an inconvenient location.

I want a useful amount of data stored conveniently.

 Blood pressure, pulse, blood-oxygen levels, even
a cardiogram and a brain function monitor, among many other live life signs, can
all be displayed in real time.  Some think that they may be able without medication
to learn how to control them.  It may have fatal effects or at least reverse effects.
There may be a good reason why you can not consciously control your heart
or other organs.  It is like a systemd thing, it only works unmonitored :)

I have been a diver for long and lately with a relative's need for monitoring
oxygen I played around with that little thing, holding my breath and taking
deep breaths.  I could go from maximum to a near faint measurement in
a matter of 3 minutes.  I gave up playing.