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Re: How can I enable ufw firewall tool with an existing set of iptables rules?

Smart way to do it is to setup a cron job to run shell script that will
flush (or restore to default working ruleset) iptables rules every 10
With this approach, even if you mess up your iptables rules and loose
ssh, you can simply wait for 10 minutes and reconnect to ssh.
Take your time and check that cron job is working correctly and if it
is, continue with ufw\iptables setup or correct mistakes.

On 29.08.2017 01:01, Tom Browder wrote:
> Installing and enabling ufw sounds easy, but how is the existing set
> of iptables rules treated?  I want to use ufw on a remote server and
> losing ssh would be disastrous!
> Thanks.
> -Tom