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Re: Resign me from your lists

From: marioxcc.MT@xxxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 27/08/17 18:15, Ben Finney wrote:
> Mario Castelán Castro <marioxcc.MT@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I assumed originally that this was a person who subscribed then
>> realized he did not want to be subscribed and decided to complain to
>> the list about that.
> Even on that assumption, there is no call to insult the person. No-one
> is born knowing how to operate a mailing list subscription, please allow
> people to learn without implying they are inferior.

The problem is not ignorant people per se, but people who is ignorant of
what they ought to know (given the knowledge requirements of the
activities they choose to do).

If a lay man in the street does not know what radioactive decay heat is,
I would not see a problem, but if a manager of a nuclear power plant
does not know, then I would call him incompetent and the word “stupid”
is more than deserved. I think you will agree with this.

Likewise, somebody either writing or criticizing cryptography
recommendations should be competent in the relevant theory.

Are you both on the same subject or are you using reference without 
noting it?  From the OP we have either spam or someone who tried 
debian and its list and gave up.  What on earth are you talking about?
Managing a nuclear plant?  Did you wake up one day and thought of
giving it a try?  Did you win the lottery and bought one to play with?  And
you dare mention a complex mathematical problem, as cryptography,
when you are drawing parallels between trying a "free" operating system
on a "P"C, with managing the world's most potentially hazardous energy
conversion system, that could affect the lives of millions, if not billions of
earthlings for more than a century?
How do you do this?  You quit your village's McDonald's and apply for
managing a plant?  The hell with the manager, it is the persons working
in the control room that should know what the hell they are doing.  But
if your pc explodes I don't think the northern half of the pacific will generate
monster mutants for a century.

Are  you suggesting someone should read 4856 pages of manuals 
before they install Debian, let alone ask a "dumb question"?  All I know
is you have a consumer, dissatisfied with a $100 windoze license from
years ago, and giving something free a try.  Because another $100 will
not get this old (4year old pc) much of a chance to revive.
Look mommy, no DrWatson!
How about I pop that barrel of depleted uranium open and dump it to
the pond?