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Re: Resign me from your lists

On 27/08/17 18:15, Ben Finney wrote:
> Mario Castelán Castro <marioxcc.MT@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> I assumed originally that this was a person who subscribed then
>> realized he did not want to be subscribed and decided to complain to
>> the list about that.
> Even on that assumption, there is no call to insult the person. No-one
> is born knowing how to operate a mailing list subscription, please allow
> people to learn without implying they are inferior.

The problem is not ignorant people per se, but people who is ignorant of
what they ought to know (given the knowledge requirements of the
activities they choose to do).

If a lay man in the street does not know what radioactive decay heat is,
I would not see a problem, but if a manager of a nuclear power plant
does not know, then I would call him incompetent and the word “stupid”
is more than deserved. I think you will agree with this.

Likewise, somebody either writing or criticizing cryptography
recommendations should be competent in the relevant theory.

Do not eat animals, respect them as you respect people.

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