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Re: Debian pre installed

On 28-08-17, Banks Mawson wrote:
> Hello,
> I,am hoping you can help me. I,am looking to buy a new laptop,
> But would like Debian 9 pre-installed on it. 
> Can you please tell me where  I can get one from.
> Tried installing it on Lenovo r61i but to no avail.	
>   Hope you can help.	
> Regards
>        Banks Mawson
> Isle of Man
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Here is page that you might find helpful:


Aside from that, there are many laptops on which you can install and use
Debian 9 without problem. From personal experience, you can always pick
Dell that comes with pre-installed Ubuntu on it. Debian will install on
it too, though you will probably need non-free firmware for most of
those ( not problem at all if you use install image with non-free
firmware ). Also it is worth checking these links: