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Re: Resign me from your lists

On 27/08/17 14:03, Reco wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Aug 2017 11:17:09 -0500
> Mario Castelán Castro <marioxcc.MT@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Then why did you subscribe to this mailing list in the first place?
> He did not (e-mail headers show that clearly). He's probably yet another
> victim of this month spam attack which fakes From header to be
> 'debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'.

I have to admit that I do not know what specific header you are talking

I was not aware that this mailing list was used in “From:” spoofing.

>> Are you stupid?
> To paraphrase your signature, do not insult technically illiterate,
> respect them as you respect people.

Fair enough.

I assumed originally that this was a person who subscribed then realized
he did not want to be subscribed and decided to complain to the list
about that.

Do not eat animals, respect them as you respect people.

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