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Re: How to Keep Track of Changes to the System

On 25/08/17 22:14, ray wrote:
> I would like to find a way to keep track of changes I make to my system.  It seem that I may learn from others on how they keep track of changes they make to their systems.

I have a plain-text file of notes, which I keep under Mercurial version
control. I make a note here whenever I make any big change.

For manually installed packages, I install them under a directory in
“~/local/stow”. For example “~/local/stow/emacs”. Since there is a
one-to-one correspondence between packages and directories under the
“stow” directory, obtaining a list of what packages I have installed is
as easy as “ls ~/local/stow”.

The search path for executables is “~/local/bin”. I use GNU Stow to
automatically make symbolic links from here to the corresponding
directory under “~/local/stow”.

I can recommend GNU Stow to have better control over *manually*
installed packages. A common problem is that ones does “make install”
and then when one wants to delete the package, one does not know what
files one should delete, and ones does not realize if something is being
overwritten. GNU Stow solves that.

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