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Re: security issues

On Saturday 26 August 2017 15:25:53 Gene Heskett wrote:

> > > install any of the firewall type stuff, dd-wrt in the router is
> > > the best guard dog. I've been running some form of it for 15 or
> > > more years, and have not been breached.
> >
> > Isn't dd-wrt only suitable for particular routers?

if it has at least 4G of flash, brainslayer probably has a build for it.  
Do a search using the model # from yours to find out if it will work for 
you. Most routers above the 65 USD price break can probably be flashed.

I'm useing a Buffalo NetFinity, $70+ ship, came with dd-wrt but the 
branding video image covered some functions I needed, so I installed it 
from the dd-wrt site, and with some minor tweaking, and one reflash, its 
been sitting on the other side of the big printer for about 8 years now.  
The only traffic that comes in unannounced is to my web page, which I 
have in a permissions sandbox on this machine.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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