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Re: Tails: Failed InRelease - tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/

Op 26-08-17 om 06:10 schreef davidson@xxxxxxxxxxxx:
The uri in the failure message, as you have quoted it in your message
to debian-user, is subtly different from the corresponding uri found
in the release notes: The uri in the release notes ends in
".onion/debian" and is followed by two words namely a suite "stretch"
and a component "main", whereas the uri in your message ends in
".onion/" and is followed three words "debian" "stretch" "main".

Maybe the extra space is significant, and should be removed?

Not likely. The problem appears to be with the file that's requested: an InRelease file. The repository at the onion URL doesn't have that, only Release + Release.gpg files. As far as I'm aware, apt is usually able to handle that. Maybe Tails uses an unusual setting? So, yes, perhaps asking the Tails people isn't such a bad idea after all...