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Re: security issues

Le nonidi 9 fructidor, an CCXXV, Dejan Jocic a écrit :
> 10. I'm sure that there is more

0. Think about against what risks you want to protect yourself.

Security is always a compromise with convenience. The only absolute
security is when you do nothing with no computer at all, but that is not
what you want.

Think about house keys: leaving a double under the doormat is really
insecure, but it is a life saver when you lose your own; leaving them to
a neighbour is somewhat safer, but less convenient, etc.

A very important lesson to learn is that security is bounded by the
weakest link, including non-computer stuff.

You may have your 65536-bits RSA key protected by a passphrase that is
an epic poem, stored on a physical dongle with built-in fingerprint and
ear-print reader, if someone can attack you with a knife and force you
to give it, you might as well have used "swordfish" as a password.

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