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Re: How to Keep Track of Changes to the System


On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 08:14:52PM -0700, ray wrote:
> I would really like to hear how others track their changes or suggestions how I may tack changes.

I configure almost everything with configuration management like
puppet or ansible. Then the configuration is treated like code, can
be documented like code, stored in revision management (e.g. git)
like code.

I honestly don't think it's overkill for even one system, because as
you say, it is tricky to document things properly even for one

I won't always go as far as installing and configuring a package
with the config management straight off. Depending on what system I
am working on I will sometimes "cheat" and install it manually with
apt, configure the files with an editor etc. But I do always at
least try to "go back" and recreate the working config with
config management so it's repeatable.


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