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Re: Tails: Failed InRelease - tor+http

From: nobody@xxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

@ Mario Castelán Castro:

"Ask the tails people. This is the DEBIAN-user mailing list."

Thanks, but...

- "Debian and Tor Services available as Onion Services"[1]

[1] probably more recent info there but just for clarity

@ Fungi4All:

Thank you.

Debian and Devuan are about the  only distos that list .onion repositories.
Considering the socks5 is pretty good in verifying packets between source and
destination it makes one very insecure to be upgrading without it or some
form of vpn..
The only drawback for some maybe that the automirror gets confused on
what is closer and you may be linked to some far away mirror, but that 
maybe some seconds give or take.
All you need is tor apt-transport-tor and apt-transport-https and changing 
your sources.list with onion addresses and tor:// instead of http://