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Re: Tails: Failed InRelease - tor+http://vwakviie2ienjx6t.onion/

From: marioxcc.MT@xxxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On 24/08/17 20:51, Anonymous wrote:
> I"m seeing this in Tails [...]

Ask the tails people. This is the DEBIAN-user mailing list.

Tail is Debian because anything that has official debian repositories
to feed from.  Unlike debian based distributions that have their own
There is nothing in tails that you can not get or make from a basic
debian installation.  The only thing special about it is its configuration
of debian packages.  Much of it has to do with restriction to avoid
permanent installation..
There is not much room in live debian to do a massive upgrade if
it is outdated, but you can install packages and even save them
in the encrypted persistent volume for next time.  Are you sure you
has a network connection and a tor connection?  Either this or
the debian mirror was down which is unlikely.  There was a recent
bug in a previous version it would not connect with some machines.
Not a very communicative group even for filing bugs.
As long as they are on a systemd based system, IMHO, they are
defeating their purpose and goal.  Technically interesting but 
functionally 0!  Which zero might you ask!