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Re: How to change date and time format for quoting in Thunderbird?

On 25/08/17 07:36, Byung-Hee HWANG (황병희, 黃炳熙) wrote:
> In Article <3af44f03-ebc9-473c-2d77-36961f66d5f3@xxxxxxxxxx>,
>> When replying to a message in Thunderbird as packaged in Debian 9, the
>> date and time is automatically placed before the quote, like this: “On
>> 22/08/17 17:31, $NAME wrote:”. How can I change the format used for the
>> date and time? In addition, I want to change the format of $NAME to
>> include his e-mail address a well.
> Sorry, i don't know Thunderbird. By the way, recently i did change them
> on Gnus (News/Email client of Emacs).

Thanks you.

I see you are using the “Message-id” field. This is not at all useful
for humans.

I do not use Gnus currently, because I do not have time to read tens of
pages of manual to configure it properly. I use GNU Emacs. Maybe in the
future I will configure an e-mail client in GNU Emacs.

However, right now Thunderbird is what I use.

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