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Stretch + nosystemd + VBoxGuestAdditions Quirk

Have been testing Stretch with alternate inits -- sysvinit and runit to
be specific -- in Virtualbox on a Wheezy host while leaving systemd
files alone. Not even "pinning" them.  Well decided to see what
removing them would do.  I followed the "Variant" option instructions
on the Nosystemd site.


No problems until I installed the VBoxGuestAddditions.  Startx would
only work if run by root.  Run by user got $DiISPLAY environment
error.  Couldn't find screen.

I started with a basic install -- terminal only -- adding xorg and
openbox, etc. Same problem if I did the nosystemd thing with a
default install of the LXDE desktop which strangely after would boot to
a terminal for login instead of the graphic display manager.

Anyone got any ideas.  Everything works fine if GuestAdditions not