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Question to new network device names

Hi folks,

I stumbled over the new network names (i.e. wl0p8 instead of wlan0), and of 
course I know, that this is obviously the newe standard (please correct me, i 
I am wrong).

What I would like to know: Is this new naming scheme an international standard 
on all linux distributions, or is this just a debian thing? At the moment, I 
renamed all devices to the old names (wlan0, eth0 and so on), as I many tools 
are still want the old names (however, it might be, that these are also not 
renewed documentations).

So, what is the status today? How have people accepted the new names also for 
long running systems? 

I think, most people might rename their stuff, just as I did, because they are 
more comfortable with the old names.

I would be happy for a little bit background information and if I am a 
dinosaur with old names.

Best regards