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Re: name for wireless interface

From: peter@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A TL-WN722N adapter connected to a stretch system gives these results.

peter@imager:~$ lsusb | grep Ath
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0cf3:9271 Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n

root@imager:/home/peter# iwlist scan
wlxa0f3c10a28f7 Interface doesn"t support scanning : Network is down

lo Interface doesn"t support scanning.

eth0 Interface doesn"t support scanning.

What is the origin of the long name, wlxa0f3c10a28f7?
Can a shorter name be assigned?

I can not help much and I have given up worrying about this madness.
I have two debian installations, one has been on for years.  The one is
testing the other unstable and previously have never had problems with
either one.  Lately neither one has been able to maintain a wifi connection
for long and takes 2-3' to boot up.  I took J.Johnson's recommendation
to play around with ifconfig -a and ifconfig wlan0 up from console.
The first time I run it the interface was listed as wlan0
The second run it became wlan0mon
The third it became wlan0monmon

I barely get enough time to run an update/upgrade on both installation
and then it is down hill from there.


I have 4 more installations on the same machine, as I keep debian for
sentimental reasons only.  None of the four different installations have
had ANY connection problems, same machine, same wifi device, same
connection.  The two are devuan-based the other two are Arch based.
NONE have systemd on them, only Debian does.

You tell me what is wrong.  Setup is about the same, wicd is on all of them.