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Re: thunderbird user interface doesn't draw/update properly after a hardware upgrade

On 12/08/17 01:00 PM, Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2017-08-12 12:28 -0400, Gary Dale wrote:

I'm running Thunderbird on a Debian/Buster system but my profile is
stored on a Debian/Stretch server. I've been doing it this way for

When I brought my systems back up yesterday, everything seems OK (in
fact noticeably faster than before - including accessing files on my
network shares). However Thunderbird is almost unusable.

When I start Thunderbird, even in safe mode, it launches OK but the
panels don't draw themselves.
That'shttps://bugs.debian.org/871629.  Remedy: upgrade thunderbird to
1:52.2.1-5 from sid or downgrade to 1:52.2.1-4.


That's not doable, it appears. The same version that is in Buster is also in Sid and there's nothing in Experimental. There's an earlier version in Stretch but it depends on libhunspell v1.4 and v1.6 is installed. Removing libhunspell has a lot of consequences.