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thunderbird user interface doesn't draw/update properly after a hardware upgrade

I'm running Thunderbird on a Debian/Buster system but my profile is stored on a Debian/Stretch server. I've been doing it this way for years.

I last accessed my e-mail two days ago before upgrading both my server and workstation's hardware (basically I got a new cpu/motherboard/memory for my workstation and put the old cpu/motherboard/memory in the server, replacing even older hardware). The video card is still the same. The old workstation had an FX-6100 processor with 16G DDR3 while the new one has a Ryzen 7 1700 with 16G DDR4. The server used to have a Phenom II 940 with 8G DDR2 but now has the FX-6100, etc..

The disk drives on both systems are the originals - they stayed with their role.

When I brought my systems back up yesterday, everything seems OK (in fact noticeably faster than before - including accessing files on my network shares). However Thunderbird is almost unusable.

When I start Thunderbird, even in safe mode, it launches OK but the panels don't draw themselves. I can sometimes get things to draw by moving the mouse cursor over them. When I try to write or reply to an e-mail, I have to frequently minimize it then expand it again to refresh the panel so I can see what I've typed. Moving around in the various accounts and folders in Thunderbird is also difficult. The screen doesn't update when the elevator bars move or when I select a particular message.

So far as I can see, Thunderbird is the only program behaving weirdly. Everything else works great so far.

A person on a Mozilla support site suggested toggling hardware acceleration but that didn't do anything no matter how many time I tried.

Any ideas?