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Re: Debian 9.1 amd64 Xfce panel clock broken

On 08/11/17 04:57, John Ratliff wrote:
<quote who="Dan Ritter">
On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 05:13:55PM -0700, David Christensen wrote:
     Time Settings
       Timezone		PST8PDT
       Layout		Digital
       Tooltip format	Wednesday 09 August 2017
     Clock Options
       Format		05:04:55 PM

Once I have made the above settings, but before choosing "Close", the
current time is displayed at the proper location in the Xfce panel. This
what I want.

- But when I click "Close", the current time disappears from the panel
e.g. Clock breaks.

Does the space for the clock disappear, or go blank?

If it's going blank, I suggest you look at color settings for
the clock -- you may have accidentally selected 100% transparent
text, or the same color as the background.


This is a known bug in the clock applet for Xfce. Last I checked the bug
tracker upstream, it hadn't been fixed. I have the same issue. You can't
adjust the clock settings without it erasing your format string and making
the clock blank.


My workaround is to use the orange date/time panel item

I thought about that -- might as well until the Xfce clock gets fixed.