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Re: delay the start of a service until LACP negotiation is complete

<quote who="Sven Hartge">
> Do you really need STP? Do you really need STP on that group of ports?
> Why not disable it completely.

I'm not aware of any way to disable spanning tree on a per port basis, and
no, I cannot disable it on the switch entirely.

> I have the same, but the systemd.unit restarts conntrackd automatically
> if it dies, so there is no problem.
> If you use systemd-networkd to control your interfaces, you could enable
> systemd-networkd-wait-online.service and have conntrackd depend on
> network-online.target to make it start _after_ the network is really
> online.
> Unfortunately ifupdown got this feature only after the release of
> Stretch.

I tried this, as I am on stretch, but I get the same errors as before. If
you don't think they're a problem, I will leave it be for now.