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Re: no non-free firmware on lapton, no Ethernet, related?

Doug wrote:

> I am primarily a PCLOS user, and I also have
> Mint 17 LTS. I can tell you that it is very
> tricky to get a Broadcom wireless interface
> to work on PCLOS, but on the Mint system it
> works "out of the box" with no installation
> whatever. So what I can say is that you may
> need some extra software from Broadcom to get
> your Deb wireless to work, and it may be
> difficult. Or you could get Mint and probably
> have no trouble! This is not a free plug,
> just some information for you.

Wireless is not necessary for this laptop, only
Internet thru the Ethernet port. Is this
influenced anyhow by the missing wireless
firmware? If it isn't, I'm all the happy to
drop the issue.

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