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debian 9.1 dpkg error when installing xemacs and erlang

On a freshly installed debian 9.1, apt-get fails to install xemacs due to some compilation related to erlang, here is the interesting part of log:

Compiling /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/erlang/erldoc.el...
While compiling toplevel forms in file /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/erlang/erldoc.el:
  !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "cl-lib"))
>>Error occurred processing erldoc.el: Cannot open load file: cl-lib

Compiling /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/erlang/path.el...
Wrote /usr/share/xemacs21/site-lisp/erlang/path.elc
ERROR: install script from erlang-mode package failed
dpkg: error processing package xemacs21-mule (--configure):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of xemacs21:
 xemacs21 depends on xemacs21-mule (>= 21.4.24-4) | xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn (>= 21.4.24-4) | xemacs21-nomule (>= 21.4.24-4); however:
  Package xemacs21-mule is not configured yet.
  Package xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn is not installed.
  Package xemacs21-nomule is not installed.

dpkg: error processing package xemacs21 (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)