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Re: no non-free firmware on lapton, no Ethernet, related?

On 09-08-17, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Dejan Jocic wrote:
> > Well, you should have write down what was
> > missing during installation, those messages
> > you get for reason. Also, when you have
> > firmware and you get note that it is missing,
> > it is best to abort installation and download
> > needed firmware and put in USB you can insert
> > during installation.
> Well, I can redo the installation!
> Actually I just tried that, and what is missing
> is b43/ucode13.fw .
> I downloaded this archive [1] and copied the
> files (the archive as well as all the files,
> unpacked) onto a USB stick.
> However inserting it didn't help because after
> a short while of "looking" (?) the same error
> message came up again.
> [1] http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/firmware/jessie/current/firmware.zip
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Did you check among those files if there is firmware that you need?
Also, if you have another USB stick, just to be sure, try with it too?
>From quick search in debian packages, these are all related to b43:




So check if your hardware is related to any of those. Also, once, for
reason unknown to me, firmware from usb did not work, but installer with
firmware on it did. Could be that it was USB fault, though not sure
about it. Was using that USB without problem after that.