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Re: When did Debian decide to enable PIE by default?


Gene Heskett wrote:
> > what the heck is PIE?

Dan Ritter and others wrote:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Position-independent_code

It seems to have caused only moderate trouble.
Insofar it did not cause such a spectacular echo as other novelties and
strategic decisions.

慕 冬亮 <mudongliangabcd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> why does Debian enable PIE by default, other 
> than stack protector and FORTIFY_SOURCE that are already enabled by 
> default in the Ubuntu distribution?

All i know is what i learned during research for the question a few days
ago, why Debian 9 was slower than Debian 8:
(It would be nice to learn if any new insight came to Alexandru Iancu.)

If there remain particular technical questions after following all links
and some sub-links of
i would possibly ask on debian-devel mailing list, whether there is more
info available about the motivation and constraints of Debian's decision.

Have a nice day :)