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Re: Live recording

UTC Time: August 1, 2017 10:45 PM
From: deloptes@xxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> What I want to do is recording live piano: I"d like to use two mics for
>> that,
>> one on the grave and the other one on the high notes. Besides, some
>> times I will need to add human voice: this requires, in my idea, a third
>> microphone... But even starting with two would be all right for now...
>> Those recordings would not pretend to be professional, just home made for
>> my personal tests, but stereo.
> Thanks all for the abundant information and suggestions of possible
> solutions. As much as I can understand, the simplest solution for me to
> live recording with several microphones is to buy a - say - 6 channel
> mixer and plug it into the line-in PC entry...
> Rodolfo

The simplest way is to use external mixer, but look forward to get one with
the inputs for low/high impedance (input for mic and line) for each
channel. Some simple mixers have only 1-2 low (mic) inputs and more high
inputs. The mic inputs on the mixer are 3 contacts/wires. The line inputs
are 2 or could be 3 - stereo. Here for example

You could however go the cheep way and play with multiple usb/pci audio
cards, jack and free audio software
If you want to experiment with linux and audio recording, you could look for
a supported multichannel audiocards and play with jack or audacity or some
other free software which will spare the external mixer.

My cheap and primitive way was to use two pc,s if you already have them, and
record two mono tracks, then use mixing software to align them and blend them.
There is plenty of such software available on debian and the quality is within the
guidelines of your mic quality, placement, echo/background noise.
I use headphones for the backing track and rarely use a second mic for guitar
then blend the two.  As I have been away from home and haven't done it for a 
while don't ask me for names of packages.