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Re: Yes you have standing to sue GRSecurity.

Joel Rees wrote:

> We may not support GRSecurity's questionable methods, but we may
> well decide we should boycott the companies who induced GRSecurity's
> stance.
> If you want to know who those companies are, you can find out pretty
> quickly by searching the web.

I was going to stop writing to this thread, but those two got me again.
The idea that we can change something by boycoting is dead to me. 
When I do not like Google, Apple or Microsoft ... what mobile phone should I
exactly buy today? I spent days with SailFish ... it is not at the level of
the big players. What has FSF or any of you (moral preachers) done to help
us have an alternative? I stop before I get cynical.

In fact the mass does not care and your idea boycoting ... what? qualifies
you as naive. Naive is also the idea that we can relay on GPL2 or GPL3 from
the 80s and 90s. I would like to see more education, Enlightment coming
from FSF and community in fact I see more and more closed source devices,
while the community is (mostly) stuck in the FSF dream of the 80s and 90s
in lack of focus and unity. This is my personal opinion.
The mass however moved forward and the young people are getting more and
more pragmatic. If you don't win them for your cause, you are lost.

So I think in future we will see more and more violations of the kind and
less and less responses to them.

Recently I found out that when ideology stands higher than pragmatics the
whole thing affected dies ... numerous examples like communism or democracy
in our modern understanding.

So before FSF dies we may do something to adapt to the new world. I write
not exactly about GRSecurity but in a wider scope