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Re: Yes you have standing to sue GRSecurity.

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 3:33 AM, deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nicolas George wrote:
>> How do you know you can trust that "legal clarification" better than
>> what any of us could have written? I do not have any legal training, and
>> I know approximatively what is written in the first message, but you
>> would be wrong to take my opinion at face value.
>> Have you checked « nisus@xxxxxxxxxx »'s credentials as an attorney?
>> Regards,
> Why do you think I trust you or him? I mean - every one can put forward a
> proposition. The statement was clear and from argumentative point of you
> OK. It was definitely informative. I do not take it as granted but as a
> fair stand point - same as your statement.
> There is a lot the community could do, but it spends time being and arguing
> about political correctness and trying to bring all parties together
> etc ... if those guys are too far right, you are too far left - IMO.
> regards

One thing that might be worth saying here:

Partial truths are sometimes more damaging than outright lies.

Specifically, GRSecurity is, in fact, misusing the GPL in a way which we
do not want to see becoming common. This is the part the troll is quite
willing to tell.

What the troll is not telling is that they are doing so in response to certain
parties  who are in flagrant violation of the GPL, specifically regarding
their (GrSecurity's) contributions. (And have a record of other, more
general violations.)

Since the original offenders seem to be more willing to throw lawyers
and legal filings at the problem than simply come into compliance
regarding their use of GRSecurities patches, I would question the motives
of the trolls.

Frankly, the large corporations who are doing this with GRSecurity
have no logical reason to be so recalcitrant. The old expression,
"Cutting off their noses to spite their own faces," seems to apply.

If the patches are useful, they should be willing to support the source
of the patches. And if the patches are useful, they should be willing
to help their customers keep their firewalls and other infrastructure
equipment up-to-date.

We may not support GRSecurity's questionable methods, but we may
well decide we should boycott the companies who induced GRSecurity's

If you want to know who those companies are, you can find out pretty
quickly by searching the web.

Joel Rees

One of these days I'll get someone to pay me
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