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Buckley's family donated him to a dog laboratory

Title: PETA
peta2 Animal Liberation
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Some people dismiss animal exploitation by saying things like, "Yeah, it sucks how they're treated, but meh—don't really care!" They've convinced themselves that they don't have the capacity to worry about animal abuse. They usually admit that they don't agree with it, but they accept it because "that's the way it is." I'm calling bullshit. That's just a defense mechanism. If people were actually to take a minute to acknowledge the reality of exploited animals and consider their unfathomable suffering and profound misery, they know it would break their hearts and they might even lose sleep over it. What they might not know is that it's worth it. When people allow themselves to be empathetic, wonderful things can happen. Opening ourselves to what others experience makes us better friends, partners, colleagues, citizens, and people. The good news is that everyone already has empathy naturally. All we need to do is help people tap into theirs.

Join Our #BoycottSeaWorld Movement

Takara knew her father, Kotar, until she was 3. That's when a gate closed on his head and crushed his skull. She bonded with her mother, Kasatka, for 12 years, but then they were permanently separated. And just recently, Taraka's 3-month-old baby, Kyara, died. SeaWorld couldn't be any worse—#BoycottSeaWorld.

A Trophy Hunter Just Killed Cecil's Son

It's hard to believe that a majestic family of lions could be destroyed by just two people's greed—but it's even harder to believe that an entire company openly supports callous people like those who killed Cecil and his son. Protect wild animals from tragic deaths by telling UPS to stop shipping their body parts.

Buckley: A Sick Spaniel's Life of Experiments

At 6 months old, Buckley's family discovered he had muscular dystrophy (MD), and donated him to a MD dog laboratory.... After years of barren cages, painful experiments, and no love, Buckley died. This is animal experimentation—show everyone why it's wrong.

Skinned Animals Live for Up to 10 Minutes

Thanks to modern technology, we can all see exactly how animals are tortured on fur farms, and we can buy high-quality vegan fur. So why is Century 21 Department Store acting like a medieval furrier who has yet to discover the internet? Tell Century 21 to get out of the Dark Ages and STOP selling fur.

Albertsons Treats Animals Like Garbage

The retailer admitted that glue traps are inhumane and stopped selling them. But now, it's selling them again. Hey, Albertsons, have you heard the news? Glue traps are still inhumane. Tell the store to stop profiting from torture devices made for small animals.

Tweet Your FURY @ Songbird Experimenter

Speaking of inhumane, this experimenter sicko captures songbirds from the wild, traps them in a laboratory, and does stress experiments on them before she kills them. We thought you might have a few words for her .... Tell her what you think of her cruel experiments.

#IfCowsCouldTweet, This Is What They'd Say

Female cows on dairy farms are impregnated, torn away from their babies, rigorously pumped, and violently slaughtered. Let that sink in .... How do you think it makes them feel? What would you say if this happened to you? Tweet it! Speak up for mothers cows abused for dairy foods by speaking as them on Twitter.

Bed Bath and Beyond: Stop Selling Down

If you found out that you were supporting an industry in which workers ripped handfuls of feathers out of live birds, wouldn't you immediately stop it? Congratulations, friend—you're normal. Bed Bath & Beyond is being weird, though. Stand up for birds by telling it to stop selling down.

Milk: It's Baby Food … for COWS

Do you wear onesies every day? Do you like eating mushed-up peas and carrots? If you answered, "No," you're probably not a baby and have no reason to eat food meant for baby cows—aka "milk." Save cows from pain and death by reminding everyone that milk is for babies.

peta2 SeaWorld Sucks Unisex T-Shirt

If people try to tell you that animal abuse doesn't bother them, don't believe it. Hit them with something like this: "So you're saying it doesn't bother you that mother cows on dairy farms cry as workers drag their babies away and load them into trucks, because they know they'll never see each other again?" You'll usually find that most people do care—they just don't know it yet.

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