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Re: how to run a second copy of firefox in a separate address space with no connection to the first?

Sven Hartge composed on 2017-07-30 23:29 (UTC+0200):

> Curt wrote:

>> I could imagine this restriction being prohibitive in some cases, and
>> Sven's suggestion, which at first reading I thought unnecessarily
>> complicated, might then be taken into account.

> To be fair: I hadn't even thought about multiple profiles. 

> I've been using Netscape Navigator and Firefox for such a long time, the
> existance of multiple profiles is still "new" to me and I constantly
> forget about it.

I've been using multiple profiles since long before Firefox existed. I find it
easier to include 'export MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1' in ~/.profile than remembering
whether --noremote or -no-remote --no-remote or -noremote is the applicable
startup switch for use with test profiles or binaries.
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