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Re: how to run a second copy of firefox in a separate address space with no connection to the first?

Dan Hitt <dan.hitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I would like to run a second copy of firefox in debian, that is
> completely unconnected to the first.

> That is, the second copy should not share history, cookies, any kind
> of storage, passwords, configuration, or anything else with the first.
> It should be possible to send a signal to one (such as kill) without
> the other being aware of it.

> In essence it should run parallel to firefox like a clone (e.g., Pale
> Moon), except using the same binary.  (But i'd be willing to copy the
> binary if there were an easy way to just change its name to firefox2
> or something.)

Make a new user on your system, and start firefox as that user via sudo,
adding the option "--no-remote" to the firefox command line.

You might need to add 

 Defaults        env_reset,env_keep+="DISPLAY XAUTHORITY"

to your /etc/sudoers to allow any programm running as the other user
access to your X session.


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.