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Re: Yes you have standing to sue GRSecurity.

Nicolas George wrote:

> How do you know you can trust that "legal clarification" better than
> what any of us could have written? I do not have any legal training, and
> I know approximatively what is written in the first message, but you
> would be wrong to take my opinion at face value.
> Have you checked « nisus@xxxxxxxxxx »'s credentials as an attorney?
> Regards,

Why do you think I trust you or him? I mean - every one can put forward a
proposition. The statement was clear and from argumentative point of you
OK. It was definitely informative. I do not take it as granted but as a
fair stand point - same as your statement.

There is a lot the community could do, but it spends time being and arguing
about political correctness and trying to bring all parties together
etc ... if those guys are too far right, you are too far left - IMO.