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Re: Yes you have standing to sue GRSecurity.

nisus@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I needed to highlight some things in the text so one's eyes don't bleed
> out reading it.
> Some variation here and there.
> But the key is you have individual standing to sue. You don't have to
> ask the free software conservancy or the linux foundation permission.
> And you should not rest on your rights.

Thank you for the professional and very meaningful explanation. I indeed
thing it was necessary and helpful and disagree with what tomas stated.

@tomas the shit smells already so it doesn't matter what you do, it won't
get better and not everyone has the time to get a legal overview such that
nisus provided.
In fact your comment on his mail is in my opinion obsolete as you are
stepping in position to judge ones post in the name of all readers.