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Re: Cannot read my draft emails.

On 07/30/2017 08:13 AM, Ken Heard wrote:
> I now in Drafts emails which I now want to edit and send.  When I try to
> open them for editing in the text section nothing appears except this
> message:

This is controlled by the "Encrypt draft messages on saving" setting in
your account settings, under "OpenPGP options".

> This is an encrypted OpenPGP message.
> In order to decrypt this mail, you need to install an OpenPGP add-on.
> In addition to Enigmail I also have  gnupg 1.4.18-7+deb8u3,
> gnupg-agent 2.0.26-6+deb8u1 and gnupg2 installed, as well as six
> packages with pgp in their names.  I find it however strange that
> apt-cache no longer finds those packages. I also find it strange none of
> the options in the Thunderbird Enigmail menu is operative.  If something
> else is needed, what would it be?

I haven't had this problem at all, but I've also not been using the
add-on in the debian repositories, and instead grabbed enigmail through
the add-on manager. I am currently on Stretch, so that might be it, too,
with gpg2 being the default in Stretch and such.