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Re: Cannot read my draft emails.

From: kenslists@xxxxxxxxxxxx

In my Jessie box I recently converted from Icedove to Thunderbird
52.2.1. As part of that conversion I also upgraded Enigmail to version
2:1.8.2-4~deb8u1 which is in the Thunderbird extensions list.

Before the conversion I never encrypted my emails, but I did digitally
sign them. I expected to be able to do the same with Thunderbird and
presumably so far I nave done so.

I now in Drafts emails which I now want to edit and send. When I try to
open them for editing in the text section nothing appears except this

This is an encrypted OpenPGP message.
In order to decrypt this mail, you need to install an OpenPGP add-on.

In addition to Enigmail I also have gnupg 1.4.18-7+deb8u3,
gnupg-agent 2.0.26-6+deb8u1 and gnupg2 installed, as well as six
packages with pgp in their names. I find it however strange that
apt-cache no longer finds those packages. I also find it strange none of
the options in the Thunderbird Enigmail menu is operative. If something
else is needed, what would it be?

In short, can anyone tell me what is going on? I want my email client back!

You should direct your comments to the Mozilla corporation, as you and many
of us were passed on as customers to "it".  I have since cleaned my pc of all this
'free" crap under that name.  I guess running paintbrush in wine might not be
as bad as running "free" software in debian.