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Re: Live recording

On 07/29/2017 01:16 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:


Thanks all of you who kindly provided response. What I want to do is recording live piano: I'd like to use two mics for that, one on the grave and the other one on the high notes. Besides, some times I will need to add human voice: this requires, in my idea, a third microphone... But even starting with two would be all right for now... Those recordings would not pretend to be professional, just home made for my personal tests, but stereo. I must say that the experiments I did with the above rude arrangement, i.e. two mics in common Y splitter, inserted into `mic' PC entry, are not so bad... Thanks, Rodolfo

As has been mentioned, you will need preamplifiers on the two microphones, and then combine the preamp outputs into a stereo plug that will go into the LINE IN jack on your sound card. In addition, piano is one of the hardest instruments to record properly; it is, after all, a percussion instrument, and as such, many microphones cannot deal with it. If you want anything even approaching a professional result, you will have to find microphones that will withstand the dynamics of a piano. Also, you will need to deaden the room acoustics as much as possible. As a minimum, the floor should be carpeted, and you will probably want heavy drapes on any windows. Overstuffed chairs and/or a sofa will be helpful also. Any sort of echo will be very distracting to the listener to the recording.