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Re: samba config

Thanks.  Tried that and didn't help.


On 07/28/2017 10:45 AM, Fekete Tamás wrote:
Hy Tony!

I would give one more trial. Please use the name what is defined in your /etc/samba/smb.conf in the global section with "netbios name =" If nothing is set, set something, restart the smbd and nmbd service and try with the newly configured name.

If that neither works, I will have temporarly no other idea.

- Tamas Fekete

2017-07-28 19:21 GMT+02:00 tony mollica <tjm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tjm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>:

Thanks. Tried with lo ip and interface ip with the same result. No change in the response.
    No log entries about this.


    On 07/28/2017 09:47 AM, Fekete Tamás wrote:

        Hello Tony!

        What if you use IP address instead of localhost? might better than localhost, as localhost is a
        DNS-like name, but as I know the whole SAMBA uses netbios naming
        So please try with the IP address.

        - Tamas Fekete
        Debian v9.0 user

        2017-07-28 17:53 GMT+02:00 tony mollica <tjm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:tjm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> <mailto:tjm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

        Â  Â  Hello.

        Â  Â  Maybe a minor samba config problem but searches only show
        up some
        Â  Â  very old stuff and that doesn't appear to rectify the problem.

            Once, again, Debian Stretch with samba installed.  All
        I need is to
        Â  Â  access a few files on Stretch from a win7 box, and that
        works.     What I can't get to work is the smbclient
        command to view the status
        Â  Â  of shares on Stretch.
        Â  Â  smbclient -L localhost results in a password request, then
        Â  Â  and the result is invariably this:

        Â  Â  smbclient -L localhost
        Â  Â  Enter tjm2's password:

        Â  Â  Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)

        Â  Â  I've tried different users and root with the same
        result.  Tried
        Â  Â  adjusting the routing tables and using actual ip instead of
        Â  Â  localhost, also with no improvement.

        Â  Â  I'm overlooking something, but it's not clear to what that
        is.     Like I said, the connection between boxes works
        just fine with no
        Â  Â  problems.

        Â  Â  thanks,
        Â  Â  tony