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Re: KDE: GIMP tool tips are blank

On 2017-07-28, RavenLX <ravenlx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am using the default theme "Breeze" for both GTK and KDE (ie. never 
> changed it) in KDE. Whenever I use gimp and hover over something, the 
> tool tip is blank. Now I am not so sure if it's GTK related or not 
> because when I hover over something in Thunderbird, the tool tips are 
> black with white letters.

Appearance -> Colors (in System Settings) 
"Apply colors to non-KDE4 applications"
uncheck the checkbox?

> I'd like to get black letters on light background in gimp (what I think 
> it was supposed to be).
> Anyone know of a fix for this?
> BTW, I'm using Stretch with all the latest updates.

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